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mas de 200 titulos en CDs a 20 soles; 3 CDs por 50 soles, solo un ejemplar disponible por titulo.

100 day killing spree 4 way split (infected disarray, jazzus, mukeka di rato, mass genocide process)

Abhordium - when depravity incarnates

Abysmal depths - the pain shows in dead woods


Adumus - to heed the call of war

Aetherius obscuritas - black medicine

Agathocles / Cannibe - split cd

Agathocles / Pela brava - split cd

Akramen - bajo control

Ancestor / Unlight domain - split cd

Anonymous hate - red khmer

Antartandes / Arsenius - ignis fatuus

Antroforce - s/t

Aphangak - shadows of death

Apotemnophobia - purity and the stench

Armagedou - apogeu da insanidade crepusculo da humanidade

Ars goetia - anachoreta

Ars goetia / Old bones - ancient sorceries and old relics

Arvakh - art 1 la haine par dessus tout

Astarium - atenux

Astarium - nekrocosmo nocturnal kali yuga

Astarot - gateway microcosm

Attack fire - senderos de fuego, blasfemia y metal

Baron rojo - el baron vuela sobre ecuador

Belial horde - a postapocalyptic landscape

Belkant - inframetal

Black hate - the glorious moments

Black lord - black ritual forest

Black mass - voices of hate

Blasfemador - a meia noite levarei tua alma

Blasfemia - ancient occult wisdom

Blaster artillery - hails from hell

Bloody vengeance - falling into the occult

Bombarder - speed kill

Burning the tyranny 3 way split (pela brava, pigstein, hierarchical punishment)

Cadaver eyes - The Acquisition Of Power Over Fire/ No Time To Haste

Ceased - resurrection of the flesh

Chainsaw carnage / Wargoatcult - war & carnage

Chaos synopsis - gods of chaos

Chaoscraft - cryptic decadence

Chullpa - iconos de destruccion

Codex gigas - inclusus hermanus monaqus

Comando nuclear - batalhao infernal

Concha acustica Quito (chancro duro, necrofobia, abadon, basca,...)

Confusion - s/t

Criptor - cancerigeno cerebral

Daeva durzeiriche - invoke

Dark matter - infinite loneliness

Dark sadness / A naked soul - twirl of shadows

Death beast - the onslaught

Death force - delirio

Death knell compilation (agony, tombe, denata, incinerator, nefarium, throneum,...)

Death metal cuencano vol 1 (criptor, carnatorio, carniceria genital, flagellation, huesa cadaver, moria, necrofuneral vassago, paralisis, protervia)

Death's forsaken - i evoke the cryptic darkness

Decrepit cadaver - putrid stench of psychotic acts

Demondeath - kingdom covered by the darkness

Demoniac lord - os poderes infinitos dos sacramentos infernais

Demonic rage - consumed in ultimate sacrilege

Detest - abominations

Detriktuss - dehumanized with rage

Devastate - armies of hate

Devilish era - the deiphobic syndrome

Devoid - s/t

Dios genocida - arte violento

Disgorge, the tribute to the mexican gore lords (vicera infest, sick morgue, hipermennorrea, mortuus, decay, morbid lividity,...)

Dying embrace - era of tribulation

Eld - krieg an odyssey in misery

Embrional - annihilation

Emphysema - cheeses christ

Eosphorus - winds of apep

Eternal suffering - recollections of tragedy & misery

Evil church - subjugating the faith's crawlers

Evil empire - evil rises again

Evil whiplash - rituals of punishment

Evilforces - pest, plagues & storms

Evilheart - quinquaginta

Execrator - the butchery

Exterminio - proclamando el exterminio

Extraño poder - ep

Flamangel - s/t

Forahneo - perfidy

Forgjord - Ajasta Ikuisuuteen

Forked - devouring hell

Four concentric ways of the ancient cult 4way split (Black empire, Kratornas, Nakkiga, Xerion)

Fra hedensk tid - 回帰への祈り

From forgotten being - black cataclysm

Funeral - bendiciones de muerte

Funeralis - luminis serpens caeremonia

Funereal moon - bringer of evil

Funereal moon - evil night of heresy

Genocidium - anti human nuclear hatred

Gersuva - tragic silence

Goatthroat - rites of blasphemy

Godus - phantomgrave: i am the catacombs

Grave in the sky - cutlery hits china: english for the hearing impaired

Graveyard of souls - todos los caminos llevan a ninguna parte

Grimorium verum - guia venus

Gromm - sacrilegium

Hateful abandon - move

Hekseri - s/t

Hell's veins - eternal warrior

Hellvomit - guerra negra

Hladomrak - s/t

Hornhammer - visions of storm

Humo, cenizas y muerte 4 way split (lux funestus, astarot, neftaraka, Du Temps Perdu)

Ignivomous - death transmutation

Inbreeding sick - sodomized and gutted

Infernal death - triumph of darkness

Infernal souls / Pentakle - legions of the magical serpent

Injuria / Rigor mortis- split cd

Inner violence - war hymns

Inquisicion - codex gigas

IV dimension - el final de los tiempos

Knelt rote - trespass

Korihor / Maniac - from death... rising!

La legion - the becoming...

Legend wars - guerreros de metal

Lostregos - lendas bairo o luar

Lucifera - sed de venganza & legiones de metal

Luciferian / Dark wisdom - Destroyers of Christian Faith

Luciferiano - o opositor

Madness - essence of death

Makabra ultrametal - a las puertas del infierno

Malicious - subconscious insane

Malkuth - 19 years of glory and victory

Mass grave circle jerk 6 way split (mdk, cativeiro, pus, magistral flatulences, diseased maggotectomy, hemorrhoidal anal suffering)

Mass murder - aracnofrenik

Megiddo - mortuus

Mincing fury and guttural clamour of queer decay - devolution

Mordaz - detrimento

Muntum tzech - terrorism state

Myrkvid - pleasures of hell

Naastrand - total holocaust (1st black metal assault)

Nameless - threshold of doom

Necrobutcher - oscuro conocimiento

Necrodamus - no rest for the wizard

Ngeloth - chaos war

Nocturnal amentia / Black grave - the last exhalation before the end

Nonconformity - shackled

Nox - manifestaciones de la eterna noche

Occultum - toward eternal chaos

Offiuco - reino de esclavos

Ordog - the art of nihilism

Orgy of flies - s/t

Orgy of flies / Ancestral terror - bacchanals of horror

Pathetic madness - destroying the harmony

Perihelion - s/t

Possession malefica - horror

Primigenium - faith through anguish

Princess army wedding combat - collection

Profanator - deathplague

Psychopatic terror - 230204

Ravenous - blood delirium

Remains - evoking darkness

Rexor - nox obscura sortis

Riler - engendros del mal

Saltus - Słowiańska Duma

Sanctum regnum - we wait for you... satan

Sanctvs daemoneon - the unavoidable

Savagism - spreading the evilness

Scythe - subterranean steel

Servants of satan's will 4way split (Imperial, Inverted trifixion, Darlament norvadian, Dismal gale)

Siniestro - siniestro + tridente

Slaves of suffering - advent of despair

Spiculum Iratus / Bestial incarnation - monuments of decimation

Stormthrash - systematic annihilation

Stygian shores - the shore will arise

Suicidal inc - you are only a pile of miserable slag feelings

Supressor - devocion a la muerte

Sursum corda - corpore insepulto

Taste of fear / Voice of hate - Split cd

The krushers - omonimo

Therguu - goat 10.10.10

This is hell - ecos del tiempo

Throne of evil - muerte por creencias

Thy endless wrath - in the veins of the olden gods

Thy serpent's cult - infernal wings of damnation

To arkham - condemned to ignorance

Torment of abyss - cernnunos

Torment of abyss - iii.o.sss m.c.r.a.n

Total death - origen

Trimegisto - awake from the blood

Tsjuder - legion helvete

Twilight glimer - mindusk

Ultraism - unleashing hell on earth

Under the flesh - the theory of chaos

Unearthly - flagellum dei

Unlight domain - s/t

Valefar - abominate the temple of misery

Veorfolnir - the last battle

Villains - lifecode of decadence

Violador - torturando vaginas

Voodoo - poder y traicion

Vultur gryphus - la humanidad es carroña

Wangelen - el camino del creador

War - dawn of new epoch / the war horde

War pestilence / Rebirth in flames - bestial baptism

Warnament - where home is found

Watercolor butterfly - the god particle

Winterblood - le fredde ali dell'inverno

Xexyz - primeval death mountain

Xulub mitnal - ba'ate'il

Yellowtooth - crushed by the wheels of progress







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